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Additive manufacturing on existing part

Nikon’s metal 3D printer can add different new shapes to existing parts by performing additive layer manufacturing. This section shows an actual example of additive layer manufacturing.
Additive manufacturing on existing part

Example of impeller modeling

Impellers are bladed wheels used in power generators, pumps and automobile turbochargers etc. Typical metal impellers are manufactured by machine processing, and there are shape limitations because it is necessary to avoid interference to the cutting blades of machine tools. Conversely, as shown in the photo Nikon’s metal 3D printer directly models the blade, enabling the manufacture of impellers with almost no shape limitations. This is expected to enable manufacturing of impellers with the ideal liquid or gas flow rate.
Blade production in impeller manufacturing
Example of creating a complex impeller using additive manufacturing to create the ideal shape designed using CAD on a conical base material

Example of modeling a stirring rod

A stirring rod is a tool used to mix and stir liquids including chemicals and foodstuffs. As shown below, Nikon’s metal 3D printer can manufacture stirring rods with various shapes including length, diameter and pitch from metal. Manufacturing stirring rods from metal will enable them to be used for evaluation and other tasks without being affected by the viscosity or temperature etc. of the liquid.
Stirring rod manufactured from metal
Stirring rod with a diameter and pitch designed according to its intended use

Data at modeling

Data at modelingData at modeling

Other cases

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