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Features of Nikon’s robot vision

Feature 1: High-speed

The vision system equipped with 2D and 3D cameras achieves a high speed image processing of maximum 250 fps. This allows robot to increase their productivity by working on un-stable object.
Example of a robot equipped with robot vision following a target at high speed
High-speed image recognition and control enables the machine to respond to sudden changes in workpiece positions and orientations. Even if a workpiece suddenly moves, the system recognizes the change, and performs the operation by changing the gripping position. In the production process, the system can respond to sudden line stoppages and workpieces whose postures change easily.
Picking for a sudden change in workpiece posture

Application examples

Feature 2: High-cognition

Utilizing its high speed, it is capable of recognizing workpieces with high precision to enable measurement of small, black and glossy workpieces.

Application examples

Feature 3: User-friendly

The easy-to-understand, simple setup screen facilitates intuitive operation, making it easy for everyone to use. Auto-calibration and path setting reduces the setup time. Workpieces can be added in under 20 minutes*. * Under Nikon environment and workpieces
Robot vision system GUI / Route setting
Robot vision system GUI / Route setting​
By connecting the robot vision to cloud, offline operations can be performed such as workpiece changes, error log management & analysis. In addition, centralized management of multiple units becomes possible, which makes it easy to handle a wide variety of products and quantities.
Cloud / FOG: Engine management / Abnormalities management​
Download the brochure of Nikon's robot vision system
Download the brochure of Nikon's robot vision system
This brochure contains detailed information about Nikon's robot vision system. Please download and check it out.

Application examples