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Proposing new manufacturing methods

Up to now, most 3D printers used at manufacturing sites have been those that use resin, but additive manufacturing using metal is gradually starting to be utilized and there is increasing interest in introducing metal 3D printers. In this environment, utilizing its proprietary laser metal deposition (LMD) type metal 3D printer, Nikon provides consignment processing services for customers who want to try additive manufacturing with metal or are considering introducing metal 3D printers.


Additive manufacturingAdditive manufacturing
Flexible manufacturing using light
Nikon has realized additive manufacturing using a laser with the concept “using light to see and light as a tool”. This section explains the merits of Nikon’s metal 3D printer.
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Lasermeister 100A series introductory videoLasermeister 100A series introductory video
Lasermeister 100A series introductory video
An engineer who was engaged in development explains the features of Nikon's Lasermeister 100A series metal 3D printers.
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Examples of processing

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