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Precision subtractive

Remaking manufacturing with Nikon’s high precision subtractive processing technology that uses light

Based on the concept “remake manufacturing”, Nikon has released a new optical subtractive processing machine that enables high precision surface processing and fine processing.
This machine proposes new value creation that will radically change the range of design performed at manufacturing sites. By equipping the machine with Nikon’s proprietary coordinate control system and non-contact optical processing and measurement technologies, the number of processes conventionally performed, including setup and setting conditions, can be reduced and precise surface processing can be performed on shapes and processed parts that were previously difficult to make.


Precision subtractive processingPrecision subtractive processing
Ultra-high precision surface processing using a laser
Nikon's optical subtractive processing machine utilizes technologies developed for our key business of semiconductor lithography systems, which are said to be the most precise machinery in history, to realize a machine that performs a completely new type of high precision surface processing and fine processing. This section introduces solutions that this machine can provide.
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Lasermeister 1000S series introductory videoLasermeister 1000S series introductory video
Lasermeister 1000S series introductory video
An engineer who was engaged in development explains the features of Nikon's Lasermeister 1000S series laser subtractive processing machines.
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